Ionic foot

Do detox ionic foot bath spas have benefits or do they not benefit you?

We live in a time of extreme exposure to a multitude of chemicals and toxins. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) recently published findings that most Americans have accumulated numerous toxins in their bodies.

The health problem of bio-accumulation of environmental toxins persists. In simple words, there are thousands of toxins in our environment and it is impossible to avoid them. You come in contact with poisons every day and they enter your body whether you realize it or not.

This ongoing exposure and accumulation of toxins leads to declining health. While one might advise avoidance of chemical toxicants, pollutants persist both in the environment and within your body. All the buildup of toxins in your body may lead to increased health risks in the long term.

Research scientists look to find possible treatments to help get rid of toxins, the only treatments to be researched will be those which make the large corporations lots of money. It’s the old follow the money problem. And I assure you that simple, in-home treatments will never be researched. So that leaves the efficacy of detox foot baths dangling in perpetual question marks about whether they really work – or not, whether you will find they benefit you – or not.

What can you do about the build up of toxins in your body?

Learning ways to detox yourself in an ongoing manner will do marvels for feeling good and energetic.

One simple way is to give yourself detoxifying foot spa baths every week or so. They are simple, you take 30 minutes or so to relax and you benefit for a long time afterwards.

Just think, putting your feet in a tub of water while ions are being created will help your entire body get rid of more toxins because all your elimination channels will work better. Your digestive channel, your kidneys, your lungs and your skin will work better because you took the time to relax and by the process of electrolysis, many ions have entered your body.

For some people the experience is subtle, others have a profound experience. Either way over time, you will be much farther ahead on your quest for better health.

The list of health issues that have benefited from detox ionic foot baths is long. Using the ionic foot bath in a variety of conditions may support concurrent medical treatments, promoting extraordinary levels of improvement and healing.

Scientists and doctors may not believe the detox ionic foot bath will work, but the research will not be done because there is not enough money to be made by corporations. Never the less, the detox ionic foot bath has many adherents who have experienced a multitude of different benefits from the use of a detox foot spa.