Ionic foot

Do detox ionic foot bath spas have benefits or do they not benefit you? We live in a time of extreme exposure to a multitude of chemicals and toxins. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) recently published findings that most Americans have accumulated numerous toxins in their bodies. The health… Read more »

Healthy nutrition tips

Weight gain is a problem faced by many individuals in their life mainly at middle ages (30-40), although it’s not life threatening initially but left for long time inattentive leads to severe health issues like Diabetes, Heart attack, Ulcers, Kidney failure, Liver damage, Thyroid issues and occasionally it even leads to Cancer. Obesity can… Read more »

Cetaphil Skin Cleanser

A healthy cleanse can be obtained on two levels, You can look at internal cleansing and at external cleansing. Although you will often see benefits to skin when your body is working right internally, cleaning your skin doesn’t necessarily make your digestive and circulatory system work better. The focus of… Read more »