Cetaphil Skin Cleanser

A healthy cleanse can be obtained on two levels, You can look at internal cleansing and at external cleansing. Although you will often see benefits to skin when your body is working right internally, cleaning your skin doesn’t necessarily make your digestive and circulatory system work better.

The focus of this article is to look at some products that provide healthy cleansing of skin through external applications. The products discussed include Cosmedicine Healthy Cleanse, Neutrogena Extra Gentle Liquid Cleanser and Cetaphil Skin Cleanser.

Cosmedicine’s cleanser and toner is is a face wash that has light foaming action with no stripping ingredients. The natural witch hazel component serves as a skin toning agent. The product was developed jointly by Klinger company, with ties to the New York City facial spas of the 1960s and John Hopkins School of Medicine dermatologists. The formula removes all types of makeup quickly and without irritating your skin. It removes dead skin cells and pollutants. Even dry and sensitive skin can be cleaned without damage.

The delivery system is different from many other similar products. The product is not intended to be diluted with water. It requires only a small amount from a pump. The product is applied with dry fingers to dry skin. The product is massaged into the skin where the foaming action goes to work to dissolve all makeup, including waterproof mascara. The skin is left clean rather than stripped. On the down side, a small bottle of the product sells for $35.

Neutrogena Extra Gentle Liquid Skin Cleanser carries the name of a product that has been around for generations. Gentle cleansing action is combined with moisturizing dry skin. This healthy cleanse doesn’t contribute to a greasy feel even when the skin is oily or normal. It is a product that can be used on all skin types and by every member of the family.

The delivery system for this skin cleanser is also a pump bottle. A pump is easy to use and is cleaner than rubbing a bar of cleaning product on your skin or squeezing a bottle. The recommended method of application is to wet the skin of your hands and face and pump a small amount on your hands.

Application to the skin of the face in a circular motion removes makeup quickly. You can then rinse with warm water and pat dry. You can also apply the cleanser without water dilution and wipe away with cotton balls.

High quality Cetaphil Skin Cleanser is another product that has been around for many years. The cleanser is a soap substitute with a gentle healthy cleanse formula that softens the skin. There is no soap in the product, nor does it contain oil. With a balanced pH, it doesn’t change the skin pH balance. Since there is little lathering action, it spreads evenly.

Cetaphil doesn’t affect acne and other skin conditions. Your skin retains moisture without looking and feeling oily. Avoiding soap while providing thorough skin cleansing is a great attribute of the product. The cost of both Neutrogena and Cetaphil is significantly less than the Cosmedicine product.

The healthy cleanse aspects of each of these great products for body cleansing are proven in clinical trials. The results are similar in each instance. There is a difference in price which may be offset by the more concentrated aspects of some choices over others.

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