Healthy nutrition tips

Weight gain is a problem faced by many individuals in their life mainly at middle ages (30-40), although it’s not life threatening initially but left for long time inattentive leads to severe health issues like Diabetes, Heart attack, Ulcers, Kidney failure, Liver damage, Thyroid issues and occasionally it even leads to Cancer. Obesity can be controlled by following simple diet plans and healthy nutrition tips. Remember Dieting without proper nutrition intake and eating disorders leads to several other health issues though encourages weight loss.

This is the first healthy step to be taken for weight loss and they make you loose weight without causing any nutritional deficiencies. Choose from wide variety of vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, carrot, green leafy vegetables, peas, beetroot etc. Note that eating them in raw form is very good for health and over cooking of veggies will often leads to loss of vitamins and minerals present in them.

Eating little meat (limited to once a week or at most twice) often yields spectacular results for people who are looking to loose weight, instead of choosing heavy food like red meat, prawns and crabs which are high in fats opt for lean meat like fish, turkey and chicken.

Fruits are perfect way to begin your day or end it, have fruits like apple, watermelon, grapes, berries along with your breakfast or dinner. Don’t have fruit juices instead have them as a whole fruit, juices rises blood sugar quickly which leads to formation of abdominal fat. Drink lukewarm lemon water early in the morning as it burns off excess fat and clears digestive system improving digestion.

Right timing for right foods:

Morning start the day with complex carbohydrate rich food like oats and whole grains, in the afternoon have a protein rich food, for evening snack have nuts like almonds, peanuts and walnuts along with dry fruits. During night have very little amount of food with less calorific value as human body cant digest properly at night because it focusses on repairing the cells and tissues during night.

Don’t do vigorous physical activity for longer durations, instead opt for burst workouts which will yield for astounding results with in short time and it all takes hardly 15 minutes of your time for working out in a day.

Just follow the above tips and shape your life, don’t ever take pills and medicines for weight loss and make sure that your weight loss plan is organized and not randomly planned.