Dry skin remedies

Many people these days are looking for the best dry skin remedies that could ease their discomfort from getting a dry skin rash and other dry skin symptoms. The skin plays a valuable role in providing the body with proper defenses against invading elements that could cause the skin to dry, itchy and flaky. There are many causes why the skin becomes dry and dehydrated and you need the proper dry skin remedies that will naturally help your skin restore its moisture.

When the temperature suddenly drops, a humid air can be a villain that can make the skin parched and dry. Your remedy would be to keep the air moist. Using a humidifier at home will help resolve this problem and to maintain the room temperature at least at 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Winter time can be your skin’s best enemy. Protecting your skin from the cold weather should be your priority before going outdoors. Wear comfortable gloves and scarf and moisturize your lips with a lip balm to protect it from becoming dry and flaky. This will also prevent you from getting a dry skin rash that can be uncomfortable.

While we usually enjoy the benefits of getting a hot shower as it soothes the body and sore muscles, a steamy shower could strip the skin off of its natural moisture. A hot shower of more than 5 minutes is not recommended so better dial down your shower temperature to warm and do not linger on much longer than 5 to 10 minutes. As you dry your skin, pat it with a soft bath towel.

Applying a moisturizer will help the skin maintain its softness as well as it helps prevent dryness. Applying Ageless Derma Stem Cell and peptide anti wrinkle cream helps to provide the skin with enough peptide that will keep wrinkles and signs of old skin away. This cream helps to nurture the skin’s health, helping you prevent dryness of the skin as it begin to lose collagen while the skin ages.

Shaving can actually cause irritation to a skin and the process of shaving could in fact remove the skin’s natural oil that keeps the skin’s natural moisture. The American Academy of Dermatologists recommends shaving after a shower when the skin is softer and pliable. Using a shaving cream will help reduce the friction that would cause skin irritation.

Giving your skin proper sunscreen protection is one of the best natural dry skin remedies that you can observe. The sun emits harmful rays that could make the skin dry, flaky, rough and wrinkled and could even give you a dry skin rash. Use a sunscreen that provides at least SPF 30 to give your skin with adequate sun protection. It is also best to apply on your lips a lip balm with SPF 15. Wear a hat that will protect your skin from sunlight and wear comfortable long sleeves on light materials.

These dry skin remedies will reduce your risks of getting discomforts from a sun damaged, dry, flaky and itchy skin.